CCP Wants to Change the UniverseCCP Wants to Change the Universe





We’ve had our team on the ground during Gamescom 2012 in Cologne, Germany to check out some of the hottest titles there. In our latest preview, we take a look at DUST 514 and how CCP plans to rock the gaming world. See what we found out and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.


CCP wants to change the universe… of EVE Online anyway. Like a clumsy yet attractive paramour, DUST 514 is both frustrating and exciting. It’s a soap bubble lined with all my hopes and dreams, one that I’m terrified will burst if I so much as breathe. For those who don’t know, the short version of the story is this: DUST 514 is a stand-alone FPS built within the EVE Online universe. Swaddled in high-tech machinery and peopled by legions of artillery-totting individuals in armor, it’s easy to mistake DUST 514 for your average, run-of-the-mill shooter. Pretty, but not that special. However, there is so much more. DUST 514’s unique selling point is this: there is a correlation between the DUST 514 and Eve Online, a living connection that exists in real-time, a marriage of two games, an impossibility made real. This was CCP’s promise.


Knight Age AnnouncedKnight Age Announced


JoyMax has announced that it will be accepting English language closed beta applications for its latest MMO, Knight Age. The closed beta event is scheduled to run from July 10th-17th.
Knight Age, a 3D fantasy MMORPG, will take players through a vast world of Knights battling against a malicious God. Featuring a unique riding-action where — unlike other MMORPGs-Knights can perform elaborate attack skills on mobile mounts. Knight Age provides a one-of-a-kind combat system that is carried out on mounts with each ride providing different types of power-ups!

The game is set to feature a colossal PVP system where PVP battles can range from up to 50 vs. 50 and even 1 vs. 100 for the ultimate battle for Excalibur! Knight Age will also feature Guild Siege Battles where players will fight against other guilds, to siege or defend, over the castle and become the castle ruler! Ruling the castle comes with great benefits such as an exclusive chance to acquire high-end rare items and automatically earn in-game money.


New Promotion Incentives DetailedNew Promotion Incentives Detailed

The Darkfall team has announced that a new promotion will be rolled out to entice former players to return to the game. The Ultimate Promotion event has begun and will run during specific dates in July.
We are happy to announce our ultimate Darkfall promotion that features:

Epic skill-up increase by 20x, 4x global loot, and village control points go active every 6 hours.
Return to Darkfall promotion for 2+2 days for free.
Get Darkfall for the price of the subscription
The subscription fee reduction to 9.95.
Read the dev blog on the Darkfall site.


Open Beta Kicks Off in NAOpen Beta Kicks Off in NA




Outspark’s upcoming free-to-play brawler MMO, Dark Blood, has officially entered open beta today. The most obvious change players will notice since playing the closed beta is the addition of joystick and gamepad support, which should be a welcome addition to those who don’t consider themselves keyboard warriors.

If joystick and gamepad support aren’t enough to tickle your fancy, the team at Outspark have announced they are committed to regular updates to the game, beginning with a new update set to launch next week that adds a level cap bump, the opening of the game’s item shop, and a couple of events, including the Race To the Top and Fight Nights.

From noon to 1PM PT tomorrow, our very own Ripper X will be streaming the game as part of the Dark Blood Streamathon. Be sure to tune in over at our TwitchTV channel!

Finally, if you’re looking for a bit of guidance to improve your game, check out the official Dark Blood skill guides released today to give you a leg-up on the baddies.


A Year’s Worth of CelebrationA Year’s Worth of Celebration




Gamania is celebrating Lucent Heart’s first birthday in style. The dev team will be hosting a series of special events, contests, and tournaments all month long.
I Love Lucent Heart Event: Collect event cards from monster drops and cash them in for a permanent I Love Lucent Heart set.
Anniversary Art Contest: Submit an awesome drawing for the chance to win a Lucent Heart SWAG bag, filled with goodies.
Tournament of Champions PvP Event: Enter Lucent Heart’s first PvP tournament for the chance to win armor, pets, and more.
Double XP and Double Drop Weekends: Jump in and play during the weekend to automatically receive extra rewards.



Edgar Allen Poe Meets Animal Crossing Edgar Allen Poe Meets Animal Crossing

Ever wanted to play an MMO that somehow manages to combine aspects of Edgar Allen Poe’s work with Animal Crossing? If your interest is piqued so far you’ll want to read on for our full preview of Salem for all the details!

Players will be able to cooperate with or irritate each other as much as they like with Salem, an upcoming crafting-based MMO being co-developed by Bjorn Johannessen and Fredrik Tolf, Creative Director and Chief Engineer of Seatribe, and published by Paradox Interactive.  Salem is a free-to-play, browser-based sandbox MMO set in colonial America, with a huge (25x25km2) game world and a graphical style that is a “cross between Edgar Allen Poe and Animal Crossing.”  Players take the role of intrepid colonists who can go out into the world to gather and craft, progress in skills, build homesteads and towns, and work together or wreak havoc on each other.  I got to sit down with Bj?rn and take a look at Salem this past week, and was intrigued by the amount of depth and polish that the game has to offer even in its current closed beta build.



Guild Wars 2 : Legacy of the Foefire PVPGuild Wars 2 : Legacy of the Foefire PVP

This past weekend in Guild Wars 2’s final beta event, we had the chance to try out its latest Structured PVP Map: Legacy of the Foefire. Check out what Bill Murphy thought of it, even though he spent more time dead than alive in the included video.
I’ve never been all that great at PVP, but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying it over the years. Guild Wars 2 seeks to offer up plenty of choices for the PVP enthusiast to get their jollies with, and this past beta weekend gave us our first taste of a new map: Legacy of the Foefire.  I put a little time into experiencing it over the final weekend event, and this is what I’ve learned. Capturing points against well-organized teams hurts, and I’m thankful that the respawn timer is quick. Oh, and it’s still a lot of fun even if you die a lot. I’d just suggest you bring some friends you can coordinate with if you ever want a shot at winning. 




Knight Age : Open Beta DatedKnight Age : Open Beta Dated


Knight Age fans will want to be sure to mark their calendars for August 28th when the game’s open beta is slated to begin. According to developers, the recent closed beta yielded significant information and lessons the team has taken to heart in preparation for the open beta.
The Open Beta will also introduce a variety of new content that was unavailable during closed beta, including the much anticipated 50 versus 50 guild battles. The lauded Pupa system, which allows players to raise, breed, and mould their companion pets into the ultimate fighting machines, has also been expanded. Pupa can be specialized in a variety of way, including becoming monster hunting champions or a lean, mean PVP machine.

Knight Age, a 3D fantasy MMORPG, will take players through a vast world of Knights battling against a malicious God. Featuring a unique riding-action where-unlike other MMORPGs-Knights can perform elaborate attack skills on mobile mounts. Knight Age provides a one-of-a-kind combat system that is carried out on rides with each providing different types of power-ups!


Shadows of the Past InterviewShadows of the Past Interview


Eden Eternal developers and Aeria Games have partnered with to bring our readers the exclusive news that the Shadows of the Past expansion will be arriving soon! We have a first-look interview with Producer Andy “Chuck” Muesse to give us a preview of the coming goodness. Read on!
MMORPG: What sorts of new content or features will Shadows of the Past bring into Eden Eternal?

Andy “Chuck” Muesse: This expansion hopefully hits home for all of our user demographics. For our PvEers, we’re launching three new maps and four new dungeons. For those who love PvP, the 10 vs. 10 arena has just launched on our live server (think of this as a sneak peak). For those just looking for something new, we have the Sage class. Players will now be able to reach the new maximum level of 70, where they can expect more exciting new content in the coming months.




Bringing PvP to the MassesBringing PvP to the Masses


What reaction did you get when you first announced you were adding Chaos to MapleStory?
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