This game has been successful for a number of years

The community in an MMORPG makes a bit of difference. It can determine whether you like the game or not. The community in this game is, to put it nicely, insanely atrocious. Most people speak in 1337 speak, which is the least of your problems. Most everyone is a pain in the rear in this game: being a newbie in this game is like being a woman in Wulfgar’s tribe in RA Salvatore’s books: basically, you’re treated like a piece of crap. Which brings me to another point: most every person in RS is an egotistical. Sure, you have the people that’ll help you out and be considerate in game if you are level 5 with bronze equipment, but most will be like. The community in this game, I reiterate, is insanely atrocious. Don’t expect anything good. 

I decided to play it again after many years. If anyone else is willing to give it a go. Send me a pm, maybe we can work together. I know the community blows, so finding friends is going to be hard. I thought it was a good review. This game has been successful for a number of years with a population most modern MMO’s would love to have. As you say it does have a certain charm to it. Plus it has regular updates to keep it fresh. I have tried to leave RS, done the WOW, Aoc, Warhammer, thing but keep coming back. The further you progress the better it gets.

As a previous poster said this is not so much an action game, which for me is ok. Sometimes after a stressful day at work I enjoy logging in and thinking ‘think I’ll do a bit of farming, then some crafting followed by hunting butterflies’ etc. The community can be rough, particularly around the GE which seems to be the epicentre of every scammer, tool and beggar on the planet, but I have met so many great people when out in runescape questing etc that it kind of balances it out for me. I also imagine the GE is the Mos Eisley of runescape which makes it more bearable.