The Lord of Destruction entered the world of Sanctuary


Blizzard already had an effective working model for stretching out the hardest parts of an action-RPG. In Diablo 2, at higher levels, player death incurred major experience point penalties. Between levels 90 and 99, the penalties were so high that only the most dedicated players would succeed at hitting the level cap. Diablo 3 has a lower level cap and uses what I feel are absurd random combinations and counterproductive timers to maintain some level of difficulty. Diablo 3 is a game which tells a dark and gothic tale about demons and nightmares, no matter how small or how great, turned to reality, and it’s only up to you to overcome them. It also features elements of hack-and-slash, dungeon crawl genres.

Like Diablo II, this game develops its story through a series of events; a set of acts comprised by cutscenes, cinematics, quests, dialogues, and the adventure itself. Diablo 3 story happens twenty years after the events that occured in Diablo II, when the Three Prime Evils, Diablo, the Lord of Terror, Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred, and Baal, the Lord of Destruction, had entered and wandered the world of Sanctuary, rampaging and shackling humanity into slavery. For those who had seen first hand what they had done, those intrepid heroes who battled the Prime Evils directly and survived, the wounds of the past heal slowly and the memory of the nightmare never fully faded, permanently scarring their souls, rendering some of them insane.

Those who had been spared had dismissed the events as merely myths and legends. Meanwhile, seeking clues to new stirrings of evil, Deckard Cain, the only confirmed NPC from the last Diablo franchises to appear on the third, finally returns to the Cathedral of Tristram, only to see a comet from the heavens strike the very ground where Diablo first manifested in Sanctuary. The comet was the harbinger of a dark omen in its fiery being, seemingly a beacon for the heroes of Sanctuary to once again defend against the rising powers of the Burning Hells and even the failing powers of the High Heavens itself.