Strong desire to add new equipment and combat abilities

All of you who are reading this have heard that the game developers are working on a brand new combat system. Over 9 years at Jagex, there have been plenty of things that we’ve just wanted to pull out and rebuild from the ground up, but it’s always been easier to invent new things than to go back and fix older content, especially when dealing with something that’s integral to the game that you guys know and love. You deserve the best, though, so we are taking the bold. step of starting again and designing a system that will take RuneScape charging forward teeth bared and scimmies brandished! With a strong desire to add new equipment and combat abilities to the high-level parts of the game, and a team of amazing developers clamouring to take on the challenge, they have got something the developers are very proud of.

In fact, it’s almost ready for our best and toughest reviewers to put it through its paces. So, what’s it all about? Well, for now I’d like to list the challenges we have set ourselves to overcome, and in later news from me and the team we’ll be explaining how we’ve met them: Refocus combat to be more about player skill – Combat should be an opportunity for you to use your skills as a player. That means making it more about mastering techniques, rather than navigating interfaces at speed.

We want you to be thinking carefully about the equipment you choose for any given situation, tweaking and making alterations according to your enemy’s strengths and weaknesses. The problem is, at the moment, there are not many reasons to change from your favorite weapons or armour. We would like to give you those reasons. There’s room in combat for situations that require a greater deal of attention and skill to overcome, hopefully making it more fun. In these situations, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with more XP. In-game combat, particularly training on standard enemies currently involves clicking on a creature and waiting. And they will do a whole lot more to make these situations challenging, rewarding and more enjoyable.