Evolution of Combat: Dual Wielding

If there’s anything more satisfying than swinging an axe into a dragon’s face, it’s swinging two axes into a dragon’s face. With the Evolution of Combat, you’ll be able to dual wield weapons, which means new abilities, unparalleled flexibility when determining your gear setup, and double the sword-swinging, bolt-blasting carnage. We will be adding new off-hand equivalents of most melee weapon types and crossbows (so no need to go stocking up on duplicates in advance), as well as brand new wands and orbs for mages. Packing a pair of melee weapons, or dual crossbows, will open up new two-weapon abilities, whereas mixing up melee, ranged and mage weapons will make you more flexible and effective when weaving between damage types. Further details can be found on the Dual Wielding tab of the Combat HQ.

We’ve also updated the base player character model to allow some for some truly spectacular attack animations. See below for more information, as well as on the Combat HQ’s More tab. If you haven’t already, check out our latest Behind the Scenes video for a first-hand look at dual wielding in action: We’ve been celebrating Runescape nearing 200 million accounts all this weekend with gold coin prize slots carrying five times their normal values. Prizes of 5,000 and coins and more have been up for grabs for the last three days, as well as a monster 200 million gold coins!

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