The Fury spec skills in wow

The real changes for arms will be suddenly having Whirlwind as a viable AoE attack in addition to Sweeping Strikes and Blood and Thunder’s Rend-spread. Slam’s .5 second default cast time and the general setup for the sepc as of this calculator makes it seem a very likely candidate for rage dumping when Enrage is up, especially depending on your level 75 talent choice. Deadly Calm will only work with HS/Cleave, but Death Wish will make Slam seem more attractive.while Shield Wall and Recklessness made the cut, Retaliation is gone. As a cooldown, it really only ever had PvP/soloing and some limited tanking uses, and with so many abilities now usable while tanking, it’s probably time to crop it out … but I’ll miss it. In general, we’re seeing a solid consolidation here. The one place I’m worried is that we’ll end up with warriors macroing Berserker Stance into their WW and Cleave buttons and Battle Stance into everything else, which isn’t very interesting. If it ends up like that, why have the stances at all?

Fury loses both Slam and Colossus Smash in Mists. While a new attack  will be taking its place, that ability works entirely differently than Slam and in addition Bloodsurge is being reworked to make use of the ability. Wild Strike will also apply the current Furious Attacks debuff  which means you’ll want to use it in PvP.Bloodthirst is now a rage generating attack with a 6-second cooldown. You’ll basically hit it every time it’s up, because it’s how you’re going to do everything else. This means that if you can line up an enrage with your Bloodthirst, you can fill up your rage bar faster.

The new Bloodsurge needs some discussion. Basically, rather than making Slam an attack you might actually use, it takes an attack you will be using  and makes it cheaper, while also lowering the GCD by .5 of a second. We all know how I feel about the GCD and how it can actually impede fun, and seeing this ability and how it will interact with the various enrages  means that a Bloodsurge Proc will effectively have you spamming Wild Strike with its lower rage cost and the shorter 1-second GCD. It will also potentially mean you’ll be able to use Bloodthirst to keep your GCD lowered. You’ll hit Bloodthirst hoping for Bloodsurge, throw out those three Wild Strikes in 3 seconds or so if it goes off (there is no cooldown at all on Wild Strike at present, meaning it is capped entirely by the GCD) and filling the rest of the 6-second Bloodthirst cooldown with Raging Blow procs and non-discounted Wild Strikes.