Guild Wars BeyondGuild Wars Beyond


Be a part of history! Beginning with the War in Kryta, this ongoing campaign sets the stage for Guild Wars 2 by focusing on legendary characters and crucial events in the Guild Wars storyline.

  Winds of Change

Winds of Change is a multi-stage storyline set in Cantha that features new quests, new Canthan costumes, and history-making battles. As part of Guild Wars Beyond, Winds of Change sets the stage for the upcoming Guild Wars 2 by portraying crucial historical events.
 Hearts of the North

Reunite the legendary heroes Gwen and Keiran Thackeray in this all new content that takes place in the aftermath of the War in Kryta. This romantic storyline features new quests, wedding costumes, a norn wedding planner, and special missions where you can play as Keiran himself!
 War in Kryta

The first chapter in Guild Wars Beyond sweeps you up in a savage struggle for control of the land of Kryta with challenging bounty hunts, wartime costumes, and fateful battles! Help Princess Salma and the Shining Blade rebels liberate Kryta from the oppressive White Mantle and their sinister inhuman masters, the Mursaat!