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Start earning some money from the start! Even if you train, you can try it on chickens, and get their feathers! Then cows, and get their hides! Feathers can sell for 2-20gp each and cowhides can go for around 60-100+ each. It is not bad at around a month and less if you pay for a year. You can pay by text, phone, credit card and more ways to suit you. There are also multi areas, in which more than one person can attack another, as long as you both follow the Wilderness depth rule allowing you to attack. This is where people going player-killing tend to hang in groups to get quick and easy kills, so be aware around these areas.

Whether you’re new to Dungeoneering and looking to level up quickly or are a seasoned expert looking to reminisce about the good days, check out Rogiee’s guide here. This competition will be running over two weekends at the end of May. Some of the main categories across each weekend will include: the best average XP, total XP, the clan with the most players gaining 99s and more! As the challenges will be taking place each weekend, you will have time to make any necessary preparations. As well as a Hall of Fame that will list those worthy of going down in RuneScape history, individual winners will be rewarded with some signed RuneScape stash and winning clans will be able to design their very own logo to add to the game.

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