PAX 2011 – The Whole PackagePAX 2011 – The Whole Package


At PAX 2011, Managing Editor Bill Murphy beat a hasty path to Arena.Net’s Guild Wars 2 booth for one of his first interviews. He sat down with Colin Johanson and Eric Flannum to chat about Guild Wars 2 and Bill found out a bunch of terrific information. Read on!Doing buiness with illegal site might get your account banned. Now you can skip all these hazards and place your order from here. A ton of Safe guild wars 2 Gold is ready for you.  our  company is  a professional, loyal and reliable gold work group which has been created for years. We are sure we can help you to enjoy a happier time in the game.

You’ll be able to tweak and mold your character’s armor dyes from creation, and the game will intelligently apply the colors you choose to later pieces of armor as you play. Of course you will always be able to change the colors, and I think the best comparison I can think of is DCUO’s color palette system. The game remembers what your look is, and will put those colors on each new piece of armor you receive, unless you tell it otherwise.