Death to the Old Ways!Death to the Old Ways!

Arena.Net has plans to set the MMO genre on its ear by doing away with the necessity for player groups to mirror the so-called “Holy Trinity” style of game play, to the “old way” as it were. We take a look at that in today’s Guild Wars 2 column. Read on and then post your thoughts in the comments. our sercices and price is the best that other companies cannot offer to.Now,register and buy the cheapest tera  gold from our company,.The customers will get the cheapest  tera gold from our company  with the fastest delivery

The holy trinity formula has been used in MMOs since before most can remember, so how do you take something that has become so essential to a genres game design, and just pitch it out the window?  Simple: change the entire game design.  So many games focus on a simple game play experience that requires the player to just get into a position, and click on the proper skills at the right time.  For Guild Wars 2 they sped things up.  They also unleashed both the players and NPCs requiring both to move around in order to win.  No more standing still to cast spells!  In short, they brought in the element of action oriented game play.  The game doesn’t feel like an MMO at all.  If you try to play it like a traditional MMO, you’ll end up dying a lot.   This is something I have stated before, so let’s show how it mixes with the other elements