Guild Wars 2 : Open Beta In the Planning StageGuild Wars 2 : Open Beta In the Planning Stage


Arena.Net’s Angel Leigh McCoy has revealed that the open beta is in the planning stages now that Guild Wars 2 closed beta testing is underway. McCoy stated as much in an interview with in a larger discussion of her past work and present duties with Arena.Net. Our team provide professional Guild Wars 2 gold, Power Leveling service and services for many other online games .It’s not wrong to choose us to buy Guild Wars 2  gold. we would do our best tohelp you enjoy your game,our company  is the professional and efficient which leading MMORPG service company. We has been engaged in online game virtual items exchange for 6 years and has gained a lot of experiences

That last question is the big one, eh? And, I cannot answer it because I don’t know the answer. What I can tell you is that we’re currently in Closed Beta and planning has begun for an Open Beta. It’s all extremely exciting, and the game is coming along smashingly. It really is like magic when it all starts coming together and you see what an enormous accomplishment you’ve contributed to.


Death to the Old Ways!Death to the Old Ways!

Arena.Net has plans to set the MMO genre on its ear by doing away with the necessity for player groups to mirror the so-called “Holy Trinity” style of game play, to the “old way” as it were. We take a look at that in today’s Guild Wars 2 column. Read on and then post your thoughts in the comments. our sercices and price is the best that other companies cannot offer to.Now,register and buy the cheapest tera  gold from our company,.The customers will get the cheapest  tera gold from our company  with the fastest delivery

The holy trinity formula has been used in MMOs since before most can remember, so how do you take something that has become so essential to a genres game design, and just pitch it out the window?  Simple: change the entire game design.  So many games focus on a simple game play experience that requires the player to just get into a position, and click on the proper skills at the right time.  For Guild Wars 2 they sped things up.  They also unleashed both the players and NPCs requiring both to move around in order to win.  No more standing still to cast spells!  In short, they brought in the element of action oriented game play.  The game doesn’t feel like an MMO at all.  If you try to play it like a traditional MMO, you’ll end up dying a lot.   This is something I have stated before, so let’s show how it mixes with the other elements



patch 4.3 Changes Everythingpatch 4.3 Changes Everything

Love it or hate it, the World of Warcraft v4.3 patch has arrived and brought with it more changes than you can proverbially shake a stick at. In today’s WoW Factor, we take a look at the profound changes that v4.3 has brought to the world’s most well-known MMO. Check it out and then leave your thoughts in the latest update in the comments.We have more than 5 years of experience and can easily pass that on to our customers.We provide the cheapest wow gold all the servers and the first class service to our loyaland reliable customers. We have available stock of wow gold on most of the servers, so that we can do a really instant way of delivery. We understand what our buyers need so we offer an instant way of delivery

Patch 4.3 is officially upon us patrons of World of Warcraft and with it vast amounts of new things to do! These are exciting times for WoW players as they take part in myriad activities ranging from resuscitating old gear via transmogrification, playing around at the Darkmoon Faire, working towards new tier pieces, or even battling against the demented Deathwing himself! Despite the fact that the contents of this patch were privy to all with an internet connection and a modicum of internet-based navigational skill there isn’t too much left to surprise players even after they get their hands on the much vaunted “last patch before the Pandaria expansion”. Except for the spoilerific Deathwing cut-scenes that is!



look at all things Guild Wars 2look at all things Guild Wars 2

During the recent press beta event, I spent most of my time in Guild Wars 2 as the Engineer, but I also got a good amount of time with the Mesmer. The Mesmer is a unique blend of magic, crowd control, boons and debuffs making for a very interesting profession that will definitely make players think in order to best experience all it has to offer.our sercices and price is the best that other companies cannot offer to.Now,register and buy the cheapest  guild wars 2 gold  from our company,.The customers will get the cheapest  guild wars 2 gold from our company  with the fastest delivery

 There’s nothing in any other MMO (except maybe GW1), and fans of tricky professions will love how the Mesmer focuses on creating illusions, shattering them, and making the enemy look like a horse’s arse in general. It’s the kind of profession that starts off slow, but turns into something really special as the options open up. But then, that’s the beauty of character progression in general, isn’t it? Let’s take a look at some of the stock skills, from the official site


Slayer PvE & PvP PreviewSlayer PvE & PvP Preview

We spent some time playing TERA’s Slayer during this last beta weekend and we’re sharing our thoughts on both the PvE and PvP experiences we had! our general method for tera  power leveling :kiiling monster, select the character which most coincide with their hobby, hand over the account to our company,and we we willfinsh their order via brand-new precautionary measure,so any accident happended during the period of power leveling:suspension,banning,or compromised account will not existed

While there are two two-handed wielding classes in the game, the Slayer and the Berserker, they function a bit differently. The Slayer wears light armor and mitigates damage by rolling out of the way, while the ‘Zerker utilizes charge-up attacks, wears heavy armor, and will have to physically block damage with his weapon. I played the ‘Zerker at GDC and while I found its AOE mayhem fun, I wasn’t too fond of the charge-up mechanic, so I opted for the Slayer this time, and I’m glad for it! It’s a nimble class that packs a serious wallop, but it just can’t take it as well as a ‘Zerker might be able to. That’s fine; most enemies couldn’t really land a hit!



Guild Wars 2 : Beta WeekendGuild Wars 2 : Beta Weekend



A short, but informative, post has cropped up on the Guild Wars 2 site that details a bit of what pre-purchase customers can expect to find in the game when the first beta event rolls out. The post is a reminder of some of the awesome features that players can look into as they take their first baby steps into Guild Wars 2.Our team provide professional Guild Wars 2  gold, Guild Wars 2 Power Leveling service and services for many other online games .It’s not wrong to choose us to buy wow gold. we would do our best to help you enjoy your game,our company  is the professional and efficient which leading MMORPG service company. We has been engaged in online game virtual items exchange for 6years and has gained a lot of experiences

Choices, Choices – You’ll create your own personalized charr, human, or norn character and pick from our eight powerful professions. Your choice of race is vital to your personal story, and it determines in which of the huge starting areas you begin as well. A noble human mesmer will have a radically different game experience than a charr engineer in the service of the Iron Legion. Fortunately, you can roll more than one character and sample each starting area for yourself!


vanish waypointsvanish waypoints

Bashiok and several of the not-Bashioks were busy in the forums today, answering numerous questions, most related to the just-concluded open beta weekend. Most of them are pretty simple noob-type questions, but a few of them added some interesting detail

The Waypoint system returns in Diablo III, but with some key differences. Most notably, there are a lot more than 8 waypoints per act, and long quests have several waypoints along the way, only the first of which is visible when you start a game. This is a feature designed to prevent boss rushing exploits; in D2 terms it would be as if you only got the Travincal waypoint when you started a game, and didn’t see the Durance 2 waypoint until you reached it.

One way to think of it is that waypoints are not something your character remembers from game to game, they’re discovered in each game based on your progression through the story. When you choose a previous quest it’s like beginning a new game at that quest. If you want to jump to a later point you need to make or join a game that begins at that point.


Alliance Update CompleteAlliance Update Complete


Nexon has announced that the final piece of the Alliance Update to MapleStory has been deployed that balances all classes and skills in the game. More specifically, Cygnus Knights and Explorers, including Warriors, Magicians, and Bowmen have been shown the love.

In addition to the rebalancing, Cygnus Knights can now enjoy new quest chains for levels 110 and above. Players can investigate and solve the mystery of the Clock Tower as a newly awakend Cygnus Knight, earning a reward of five skill points. Those that are level 120 can travel through the Dimensional Schism and defeat the evil Arkarium. Victorious players are rewarded with the ability to raise the skill level of their Noble Spirit, a skill that raises the master level of Empress’ Blessing and gives permanent stat boosts to the characters in the same account that are in the same game world. This is dependent on the level of a Cygnus Knight character in the same account that is in the same game world.



The Final TwoThe Final Two

In today’s Guild Wars 2 column, Industry Relations Manager Garrett Fuller speculates a bit about what the final two classes will be. Arena.Net is playing these last two very close to the chest. Check out Garrett’s thoughts and then let us know what you think the final two classes in Guild Wars 2 will be.

Looking at the Professions page on the Guild Wars 2 website, we are left with two shadows to speculate on. One clearly is Charr, the other looks like a human female, possibly Norn. With the Warrior, Guardian, Necromancer, Thief, Elementalist, and Ranger we have a lot of areas covered in the class department. Melee and ranged styles are well represented. There are pet classes in the Necromancer and Ranger as well as a defensive style melee class in the Guardian. So what do we have left in terms of game play styles?


My ExcuseMy Excuse’s Justin Webb submitted his column to us late this week because he spent his memorial Day at Funzone, the largest video arcade in the world. Today, he brings us his report from that trip and discusses tactics to get our quarters.

Funspot is the biggest video-game arcade in the world.

My column was late this week. It should have been ready on Monday. Sorry! What’s my excuse? Well, the dog didn’t eat my notes, and I didn’t have in-laws over for Memorial Day — it’s actually way better than that. On Monday I went to Funspot.

When I say “went”, it makes it sound like I just went to the mall. Instead, this was more of a pilgrimage, a reverent journey to pay homage at the mecca of video gaming. You see, one of the benefits to living in Bostonis that it is very close to New Hampshire. And one of the really cool things about living near New Hampshire(apart from the whole no-sales-tax thing) is that it means you live near Funspot. And Funspot is AWESOME.